Thursday, 12 March 2015


Hello there!

It's Spring! It's Spring! I cannot believe how fast the snow has been melting this week, which has made the stomach bug I have come down to just a bit more bearable. Of course, it is our usual cold Spring (and by Easter time, when temperatures will still hesitate to raise, I will complain about it) but for now, I am too excited to be reminded that there is something beneath the snow.

As today I am confined on the couch, I finally had the chance to catch up with the blogosphere, after a much intense two weeks of work (Spring break or not). I am happy that I could do a lot of reading, and this article was an eye-opener.

I also ordered this book because I am curious to figure out how, in modern times, an author can elicit a 10-publishers bidding war.

Fashion month is still going on, and you would never guess who took over Valentino's runway at Milan Fashion Week. My husband is delighted because it makes me slightly more inclined to go with him and watch Zoolander 2 when it opens in February 2016.

For an aficionado like me it was a shocker to admit it, but I am not crazy about Celine's wearable bags that were shown in Paris.

I rather fell in love all over again with the simple aesthetic of Tamara Mellon (whose creations have just hit the Outnet).

P.S. Is it lame that I want to take part in this just to wear a princess outfit?

Photo credits: Regram @northern_daisy #ihavethisthingwithfloors

Friday, 20 February 2015


Hello everyone! Are you following Fashion Week?

The Fall edition of Fashion Week is one my favorite things. Shows, appearances, Altfits and amazing bags aside, somehow this year it has also made me ponder a lot.

As lately I am battling with my own insecurities (still not sure who's winning), this amazing picture of the Olsey twins (which I discovered via LA Cool & Chic) stroke a cord with me. We are all afraid of other people's judgement, regardless of how famous we may or may not be. I really needed this reminder.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Hello everyone!

It there is one thing that New York Fashion Week  has made official, it is the latest trend for pants' hemlines: cropped, 70s-inspired flared or a combination of both (like Jane Aldrige above).

The good news for those (like me) who are still freezing their butt off, is that cropped pants look nice and put together even with short winter boots. Who cares then that the spring (whenever that happens) will be cold?

Plus, there are tons of styles to choose from right now, at different price levels. GAP's tailored cropped pants and J Crew's Martie pant maybe a more affordable option than this pair of Alexander Wang's cropped wide-leg pants (very Jane Aldrige), but a girl can dream.

P.S. Remember the cropped pants from FW12? It maybe a good idea to take them out of storage...

Friday, 6 February 2015


Hello everyone and happy new year!

I know, it is February and I have already wished you happy new year. January was a s****y start for me though, so I am going with Chinese New Year this time. Didn't someone say that when you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up? As you are reading this, I am on my way to the hairdresser, from where I hope to come out recut, recoloured, and reborn. Wish me luck.

Monday, 2 February 2015


Hello everyone and happy February!

Six more weeks of winter. This is what have officially forecasted two Phils in the US and a Sam in Canada. Although I personally like much more Willie and Willow's prediction for an early Spring, a three out of five groundhogs majority is difficult not to be taken seriously while the Northeast corridor is under snowstorm Juno and we woke up this morning in Montreal for yet another day close to -30 degrees Celsius. (Sorry Willie and Willow, we love you anyway).

Let's then take it like a woman and start thinking about what to wear. Let Cold Fashion Month begin and the (winter) games be official on.

Photo: Baby it's cold outside Tumblr. (There is a blog for that).

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I dream of Palm Beach

Hello everyone! Did you hear about Target next collaboration?

Cold or no cold (and annoying emails aside), I felt like being visited by the Ghost of Summer Yet to Come when I flipped through Target next collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer. Ah, that hammock! And the flip-flops with gold details! I need to start saving up.

Collection hit stores on April 19.

Monday, 12 January 2015

When two seasons collide

Hello everyone! How cold is it where you live?

Because it is probably cold where you are, if you live anywhere north of Phoenix (yep, there are winter storm warnings in New Mexico as well). Although more typical winter temperatures (whatever that means) are in store according to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist, snow, ice and rain will still disrupt air travel from Cleveland to New York City. (So much for that winter escape plan). To sum it all up, spring it is still faaar away.

Which is why I am getting increasingly annoyed at emails about 1) winter escapes 2) wardrobe spring refresh, even if on sale (sorry The Outnet). Who's with me?

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