Monday, 25 August 2014

'Til next year, FDM

Hello everyone! Did you attend Montreal's Festival of Design and Fashion last week?

I had to forego the catwalks on Tuesday due to our godson's birthday party. The rainy weather and two kids still on holiday also prevented me to check out the pop-up boutiques on Thursday and Friday. Yet I will always remember this event, because I met Garance Dorè. Not just because of the groupie factor (ok, maybe a little bit), but because the themes she touched during her interviews stroke a cord with me. Abandon the idea of perfection. Do what you love. Wear one earring, possibly by Maria Black.

Thanks Garance. I hope to meet you again next year. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

You had me at Garance

Hello everyone! Did you know that this week Montreal hosts its Festival of Fashion and Design?

After it was canceled last season, Garance Dorè and other big names have been enlisted to revamp it. This is why I have been looking forward to it for the whole summer.  (If you follow this blog you know I am a big fan). 

Late this afternoon I attended her presentation, which kicked off the Festival. Because I was curious to see her in person. She came in classy as usual, sporting a denim dress and one earring (who were they by? I wish I had asked). You know what I liked the most though? That she is in person as she emanates for her blog. Genuine. Fresh. Sincere. Talking too much. Full of human contradictions. (Like admitting that now she has the means of sometimes shopping at Hermes, but preferring more and more the non-brands like Zara). 

Garance said that her talent is being a good communicator. I couldn't agree more.

P.S. Garance will be giving an interview and signing her stationery line tomorrow at Chapters Indigo at Place Montreal Trust. Follow our hashtag on Twitter (#montrealfashionbuzz) to know more. You can also still attend the fashion show Garance curated tomorrow starting at 7 pm (tickets available here).

Goodbye summer!

Hello everyone! Are your summer holidays over?

We have come back from Italy a couple of days ago and I am spending this week to catch up with everything before school starts and my brother- and sister-in-law come to to visit us next week. I am glad I took care of at least a few things before we went to Hawaii but I still feel overwhelmed by what is left (I am looking at you, gigantic pile of laundry).

In spite of the jet-lag, I feel rested. I feared that spending two weeks at my parents' country home was going to be boring, but it turns out that we all needed it. Even my son, who did not get to play much with other kids (the little country town being a case-study for Italian low fertility and ageing population), needed the rest and the home-cooked meals. 

New academic year, here we come!

PS Every time we come back from Italy, I enter a sort of food depression (remember when we came back from sabbatical two years ago?) and I vow to commit to cooking. I spend the first few days buried under a pile of magazines and ripped off pages. This time my good start (life is paved of good intentions uh?) was this shrimp risotto, which turned out soooo yummy!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rainy day

Hello everyone! Do you like rainy days?

I hate the rain (ask my husband). In summer, I find it particularly dreadful if we are at the beach. This year, the weather has gone wacko in Italy (remember our arrival in Milan last week?) and I was not surprised that, in the context of cool temperatures, today we had torrential rains at the Riviera.

The fact that this happened while we are staying at this museum of a hotel redefined a rainy day for me. Between meals, we took advantage of the forced stay indoors to explore the property. This included visiting the much hyped second floor, which hosts the room with adjoining throne room (yes, you can rent it, and it now occupied so we could not peek inside). I cannot believe how beautiful this villa is, and how lucky we are to be here. Rain or no rain.

Monday, 28 July 2014


Hello everyone!

After a brief passage to Milan, we have arrived at the beach. Breaking with a long tradition, we are taking advantage of a special and we are staying at the Grand Hotel Villa Balbi. It is a seventeen-century villa built by the doges, and inhabited by king and queens over the years. (There is still one room with adjoining throne room!)

I always dreamed of staying there, but reality trumped all my expectations. The hotel is, for lack of a better word, grand. I feel like Coco Chanel staying at Etienne Balsan's estate. Or like the model in the latest Dior ad campaign.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Passage to Milan


Hello everyone!

We are leaving for our usual beach retreat, and even if it sounds a bit spoiled, I regret we spent only two (majorly) jet-lagged days in Milan. Aside from eating my weight in La Durée macarons, this is what I wish I had had the time to do...

// Manicure, healthy smoothies, and vintage shopping at Bahama Mama // Checking out Max Mara's FW14 collection // Visiting (finally) the Museo del Novecento // Buying this Swatch, which I have been obsessing about since reading (you could have guessed) Garance's post.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Top or bottom?

Hello everyone!

Now that I am in Italy, I am pondering the purchase of a new bikini. One of the main things that sets me off when I have tried to buy swimwear in North America is the fact that bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately. In Italy, this is unheard of. The two are sold together to match nicely, period.

Do you normally buy bikini pieces separately? Or together? I'd love to hear.

P.S. Echoing a key trend for SS14, in Hawaii I've seen a lot of fringed bikini tops like the one pictured above (available here in case you were interested). I am curious to see whether there is the same fashion at the Italian Riviera.

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