Friday, 14 November 2014

Jumpstarting that list

Hello everyone! Are you ready to jumpstart that gift list?

The best deals will not happen until after Black Friday, but there are a few good ones right now as well.

Neiman Marcus offers duty-free shopping on online orders over 100 USD until November 16 (code: FREEDUTY)

Yoox offers up to 25% off items in your Dreambox (code: ENJOYCOLORS). Contrary to previous sales, you did not need to have added these items before hand. Just make sure you add them first to your Dreambox and then to your cart.

Joe Fresh offers 25% extra final sale items until November 16. (Don't get too excited the selection and, especially, the sizes are limited).

Starting Monday, November 17, Minted (my favorite destination for paper goods and custom art) offers 25% off a single curated art pick every weekdays for 25 days.

Image: J Crew.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Notes to self

Hello everyone! Do you use Bloglovin for iPhone?

I am beyond thrilled that it is now possible to pin images directly from Bloglovin iPhone app. This is why in the past few months my Inbox has been overflowing with emails I sent to myself from Bloglovin, to remember to save posts and, especially, images.

To start fresh now that this feature is available, I went through the above-mentioned emails and sorted them out. You would not believe how many interesting things I found.

A great quote, from a beautiful (or should I say glamorous?) Tumblr feed.

A lot of workspace inspiration (now on my Pinterest board), including the lamp of my dreams.

This photo will be my Christmas inspiration.

A reminder of what my kids want from me. (I needed it).

The Legographer.

One of my favorite parenting posts.

Finalists and runner ups at CFDA Instagram awards 2014. (I am now following @amy_stone)

My new favorite photographer and his shots of Cinque Terre (I am following him on Instagram too)

Books I's like to read (like this one).

While I was looking for this bucket bag, which is obviously not on sale anymore, I stumbled upon the best imitation of Phillip Lim's mini Pashli for less than 50$. Go, get one now. (The black version is already sold out). If you are rather a fan of Coach's Borough bag, you can get that one too.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Around my closet with Flair

Hello everyone and happy November!

I have been a bit off because my parents came to visit us two weeks ago, in occasion of my older son's birthday, bringing a lot of presents including one of my favorite Italian magazines. I love to see what's trending in my home country, especially since my aesthetic has been getting less and less experimental and closer to my roots.

It is amazing how far away October (and the last post I wrote in this series) feels! Last time I checked, it was all about Fall's best coats and mocassins, and now it is puffer and boots season. My closet has not yet made the transition. I am just distracted because, you know, the Christmas Book arrived and gifting season is officially open.

As for me, I finally found what I am asking Santa this year.

This book is on my list for Santa, too. (GOOP's edited bookshelves are the best.)

I wish I was still nursing to ask also for the most fashionable teething jewerly around. (I would totally get the goldie.)

Fortunately, it will be at least easy to stuff those stockings with this notebook (discovered via Ez a while ago).

P.S. After the holidays, I am embracing the Japanese art of decluttering. Period.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

All that black

Hello everyone! Are you shopping the Alexander Wang for H&M collaboration tomorrow?

Breaking with a long tradition, I am sitting this one out (for sure, not like last year). The collection could have been designed by the Sporty Spice, had she ever had a gothic period, and black, cropped, boxy, and body-con garments (which also happen to be obnoxiously logo-ed) are not my cup of tea.

In case you are going (and Garance says you should), here are four tips from my experience.

1. Know what you are in for. You can shop the collection starting at 8 am, but ONLY if you are one of the first 280 people in line. There are people camped out there right now (yes, the night before), so if you are serious about it, get up early. Otherwise, you need to wait until those 280 people are done (and there is little left), or when online shopping opens at 10 am. Note that the same does NOT apply if you are shopping the men's collection.

2. Be organized. Check out the lookbook and identify the piece(s) you are interested in. If you get in, you will have only 10 minutes to shop, and those 10 minutes are pure insanity. You need to go and grab. No time to think about which sweatshirt you want.

3. Dress warm. Since you will be in for a relatively long wait (see point 1 above), bring stuff to keep you warm and busy. Bonus points to tech gloves that allow your hands to stay warm while you manoeuvre your iPhone.

4. Avoid the dressing rooms if you can. The dressing rooms are always crowded, and there is a long wait to get there. If you can, try things on on the floor, or at home (you have 7 days for returns anyway).

P.S. By checking on Instagram today, it seems that the fit of most garments is boxy (big shoulders, small hips).

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Two new favorites

Hello everyone!

If you feel like trying new things, check out my two latest discoveries: Mother magazine, and the blog Bluebird (by one of Mother magazine's two co-editors, James Kicinsky-McCoy). You will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Halloween fashion

Hello everyone! Are you ready for Halloween?

Our house is decorated, kids' costumes have been purchased (although sizes are not quite right), and even I got a disguise (I am going for the look above. Yes, really.). I cannot wait! 

P.S. If you are staying at home to welcome trick or treaters, I think this dress and some makeup would make a perfectly fashionable gothic mom. (Yoox has pretty good selection, too.)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

In awe on a Tuesday night

Hello everyone! Have you heard of Pari Ehsan?

I have read about her over the summer, on my phone, in the dark, next to the sleeping baby. I had thus never had the chance to see properly her stunning images, which merge fashion and art and have (rightfully) warranted her CFDA's inaugural prize of "Fashion Instagrammer of the year". I rediscovered her today via the edit she curated for Holt Renfrew in occasion of the new exhibition on Michelangelo at at the Art Gallery of Ontario (see above photo).

Now I am a (Instagram) follower of @Paridust, and you should be too.

P.S. More art and photography that inspire me, and other blogs I love.

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