Sunday, 12 June 2011

A day in Ottawa with a preschooler

This weekend we all drove to Ottawa because of my husband's business. Since my husband was busy the whole day, I did a bit of research to find something fun to do with my son on Friday. He is four years old, so "classic" attractions like the Parliament were going to be too boring for him. Yet my choices were unfortunately a bit limited because the summer has not yet began and I was looking for activities on a weekday. In addition, I was looking for something outdoor, because the forecasts announced sunshine on Friday, but not on Saturday, so I figured we could go to a museum on Saturday morning. I found a great website with a lot of good tips ( I was really intrigued by the Hull Wakefield Steam trail, Saunders Farm and Pirates Adventures, but none of them was open on Friday. Yet I found Valleyview Little Animal Farm, which turned out to be great. Not only there were animals but a fantastic playground with originally wooden-built constructions, including a pirate ship that my son adored.

Afterwards we still had a bit of time so I took him to the Museum of Civilization. We did not get to see much of the totems because there was a graduation party, but there was a fabulous Children Museum that I just wished we had more time to see. The museum had different areas (a theater, Japan, Egypt, etc.) where the kids could impersonate different characters (with appropriate costumes); plus the kids had to stamp their passport for each area they visited. I will definitely go back there next time we are in town!

P.S. We stayed at the Marriott Hotel Downtown. The hotel was nice and conveniently located (right across from Holt Renfrew!), although parking was expensive.

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