Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New York and London Fashion Week's wrap-up

I guess that, as much as me, most of you will not get interested in Spring fashion until, well, spring arrives in several months. Yet I find interesting to follow the main events of Spring Fashion Week for a couple of reasons. First, the attendes obviously make it a point to sport the latest (read: Fall) trends. In New York, one of my fashion icons, Hanneli Mustaparta, was one of the best dressed examples (as you can see in the top two pictures above, via Fashionologie). She was spotted wearing earthy fall tones, bright yellow, and wedge sneakers, as well as Phillip Lim's ubiquitous Pashli handbag in the satchel cream version.

London's street style was slightly more subdued, but classy nonetheless. I like to follow Spring Fashion Week also because knowing what's coming helps me decide what to invest in the Fall. For instance, at New York Fashion Week, one could see a continuing abundance of (mustard) yellow, orange and nude, and handheld bags (you can see here the best ones as edited by Fashionologie, and here Shopbop's edit). In fact, I found the Burberry Prorsum show (online at almost "fall-ish" in its colour palette, which coupled mustard yellow to burgundy, navy blue, deep purple and moss green. Investing in these hues this season should prove a smart choice.

As for the new collection themselves, I was not very impressed by the American ones. Same as above for the collections of the British designers, with one main exception: Burberry Prorsum. I am a huge fan of this label and it did not disappoint me. Plus, I found incredible that, right after the show, outerwear and handbags went straight to pre-sale through the label's website. Now, that's 21st century! The pieces can be ordered through September 26, if you can afford the price tag.

Mulberry also presented a couple of bags I am lukewarm about (the full collection can be seen here), but the show should get the award for the most kid-friendly display -- I mean: giant ice cream cones?

Today, Fashion week has arrived in Milan. Since this is the one and only occasion I will have for a while to be so close to the event, tomorrow during lunch break I will go check it out. Stay tuned!

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