Sunday, 9 October 2011

Playing catch-up

Photo: Kirtsy
The past week has been quite hectic. My son was sick, my husband was away, and then my brother- and sister-in-law came to visit for the weekend. They just left for the airport, and I had woken up early to bring them to the train station. Yet this morning all cars are grounded in Milan because the lack of rain has increased the air pollution levels. I thus could not go with them and I now find myself with some quiet time before everybody wakes up. Decisions, decisions: do laundry (the pile of stuff my husband brought back from his trip is gi-gan-tic!) or catch up with Paris Fashion Week and the latest news in the world of fashion? I am sure you guessed my choice. After all, the rest of day is looking like laundry-clean the house-... you know how it goes.
What did I miss? Paris Fashion Week is over, and pre-sales of the Spring collections are in full swing. Jak and Jil, the fashion blog famous for its stunning pictures and one of my favourite browse-through website for street style sightings, is being redone. The weather is going through a cool spell in Milan, the leaves are turning yellow, but the colours do not compare to the ones at home! This slideshow from Kirtsy made me feel a bit homesick. Fortunately we should get back into Indian summer mode by Tuesday. And now my son is up, so write you later!

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