Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thank you Steve Jobs

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I woke up this morning to a news that deeply saddened me: the death of Steve Jobs. I did not know him and yet two of his greatest inventions are essential to my everyday life. It would be too easy to write on this blog that the iPhone and the iPad are two of the most stylish devices out there. Rather I would like to honor the memory of Steve Jobs by telling you how they have become my best friends, my true Personal Digital Assistants, as a working mom.

My family members-specific calendars are synced over the air (through the infamous "cloud") across all my devices, making it impossible to forget a business meeting or my son's soccer practice. Best of all, all my information is in one place. I bid goodbye to paper notepads, I just take my iPad everywhere. I am writing this post on my iPad while I am riding on the tram, after I read in the New York Times on my iPhone of the passing of Steve Jobs. This post will make it to my website through Blogger, an essential app on my iPad. In fact, the same existence of this blog is due to my iPhone and iPad: they let me work on posts in time bits stolen to a coffee break, a line at the post office, and even a tram ride.

My son has his own section on both my iPhone and iPad. The fact that the two devices are mine puts me in control of what he has access to and how much time he spends using them, because I explained to him that he is only borrowing mommy's stuff. The kids' apps I have downloaded for him are mostly books by Curious George and Dr. Seuss. There is also a coloring app that he loves, and a few puzzle games. Now that he has started music classes, I will look into music apps too. The iPad doubles as an entertainment system on long car trips. With the help of a support, my son can watch his favourite cartoons (I own this one by Griffin). And do you know when they say there is an app for everything? I love Moms with apps, a catalogue of kid-friendly apps organized by age, category, etc., and constantly updated.

Thank you steve Jobs.

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