Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Quick sales update

A few years ago, when I was traveling to the US East Coast more often, I subscribed to the newsletter of Madison Avenue Spy, an exceptional source of information about bargains, sales, and a lot more (you can read more about how the blog started from the words of Lila Delilah, the blogger behind it, here). Although obviously it is skewed towards local happenings in New York City, I find it really useful because in the US the sales are steered by the big department stores, which are present a bit everywhere and now (read: post economic crisis) generally ship worldwide.

So, here is the quick sale update from Madison Avenue Spy: on November 9, Saks is holding its "Private Night", which marks the unofficial start of sale season. As Lila Delilah would say, the best bargains come in the end; but you may want to start shopping around, because the Cruise collection is shipping in a couple of weeks and the stores need to make space!

P.S. You can subscribe to Madison Avenue Spy's newsletter directly from their website.

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