Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The last minute party outfit

I had big plans for holiday dressing this year. In Canada, we seldom get the chance to go out and dress up for it. We have mainly home parties, with the kids no less. This year, I thought, it is my chance to break with this trend. I wanted to do winter white and sparkly metallics. Then two weeks ago my son got sick and we canceled pretty much all our plans. A few days ago, I tried to remedy to this state of affairs by ordering a pair of metallic pants by Mother and a pair of sparkly moccasins by La Dolce Vita, but I doubt either of these items will de delivered on time for Christmas.

My backup plan is thus the following: abusing the white blouse + black pants + statement heels look. Heck, I may swap the black pants for black leather leggings if I feel particularly daring. I will not need an evening bag because we are spending Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve at home. We are also traveling on Christmas Day, so no need for a fancy handbag in this occasion either. Simple.

P.S. Speaking of parties, if you are in need for a last minute holiday menu, try this: butternut squash soup (you can roast the squash in the oven the night before and have only 30 minutes of cooking time left), stuffed turkey breast rather than a regular turkey (I stuff mine with hazelnuts, dried apricots and dates, and I always get compliments), brussels sprouts for an unusual side dish, and store-bought panettone with ice cream for an Italian touch at the end.

Photo: Net-a-porter.

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