Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Trying to get in the mood

Nothing sets me in the mood for Christmas as an Anne Perry's novel does. The Victorian charm that emanates from her Christmas mysteries evokes a time where women were always stylish and everyone had a clear place in society.

The past week has been gloomy. As the doctor had predicted, with the new antibiotics my son's fever subsided by last Friday.  Yet the scare he gave us last week has left a mark on both me and my husband. We have been counting his feverless days and praying that he continues to recover well. I have also been quite tired, staying up til late to give him is third daily dose of antibiotics at midnight. 

This afternoon, however, I slept. I took an old-fashioned afternoon nap, and this evening I am determined to get into the mood for Christmas. I thus downloaded on my Kindle my reading list, beginning with Anne Perry's "A Christmas Homecoming" and throwing in the new novels by Stephen King and John Grisham for kicks. How many books do you think I'll actually be able to read? :-)

What are you reading for Christmas?

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