Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Alt Summit

Do you know what Alt Summit is? Up until a couple of months ago, I had no idea. Now, I am really bummed I could not attend.

Alt Summit is a yearly conference of design and lifestyle bloggers, which this is year is taking place in Salt Lake City from January 19 to 21. I have read about it since last September, but I did not consider the idea of attending mainly because blogging for me is a passion, not a job, and I do not foresee turning it into a business any time soon. 

Yet a few days ago I looked at the program, and I realized how inspiring it was. There are several sessions that would have helped me to grow my passion for blogging, whether marketable or not. I would have also loved being around so many creative people, and to meet in person some of the other blogger moms I follow every day. Somehow, I have had an easier time to let go of the possibility of attending another key blogger conference, Mom 2.0., because it is during Mother's Day weekend and I would never be away from my son then...

This is then what I am adding to my New Year's resolutions: make sure I will be able to attend next year!

Photo: Lights and Letters.

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