Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My favourite Valentine's Day post

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! How are you celebrating? As you planned, or in a different way?

We, guess what, have spent the past three days in another child sickness hell. We attempted to spend the weekend skiing with my mother-of-three best friend and her family, but sure enough my son got sick almost upon arrival, which was particularly sad because he had fallen asleep by saying that it was going to be the best vacation ever. At least we spent Saturday morning skiing for a couple of hours, and we are trying to make sure that this is the memory he will have of the weekend, rather than the emergency doctor's visit at midnight, the medicines we had him swallow every two hours, the chills and the sleepless two nights.

It follows that yesterday evening we were in no mood or shape to go out for dinner as we had planned. Rather, we hope this evening to enjoy a quiet family dinner and maybe watch a movie, which is ok. I just hope my husband will remember to get me some flowers on his way home :-)

But let me get back to what I wanted to share with you: a great post by Tracey Clark that you should check out. The heartwarming picture above is from the same post, and if you have time you should peruse Tracey's other posts for more amazing pictures. She is the founder of Shutter sisters, "a collaborative photo blog and thriving community of female photo enthusiasts." Tracey's blog and her pictures have inspired me to develop my passion for photography, which is one of my main new year's resolutions. I hope they inspire you as well!

Photo: Tracey Clark.

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