Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thinking about it some more

I could not help it, but this morning I almost regretted writing (in my post from yesterday) that I do not buy into Chic Mom's philosophy. My son is at home from school and my husband is away for work. I have a bad cold myself and yesterday I stayed up late for a business phone call with North America.

When my son woke up this morning full of energy and wanting to play with me right away, I wished I could have slept in, while he went playing by himself. When I finally pushed myself out of bed, I wished I could have taken a shower when I wanted to, and privately. I also caught myself thinking that, if my son would be more autonomous "a la fran├žaise", I could get some work done when he is at home from school (which was a bit of a mute point today because my parents live across the hall).

Then I realized: we cannot and should not expect kids to behave like adults. I love the attention my son gives me, the fact that he wants to share with me all his experiences, whether it is rearranging his Lego set into a new dinosaur or watching his favorite cooking program (yes, you read it right, we are in Italy after all). By the time he hits puberty I will be history, anyway.

Photo: AskMen UK.

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