Thursday, 12 April 2012

Crazy fashion

"The appointment of Mr. Simons closes the loop on an interesting merry-go-round of designers
at major Parisian fashion houses in recent months. " (BoF
Photo: Mademoiselle Robot)

Hello everyone! Did you hear the latest news from the fashion world?

Let me bring you up to speed. It's official: Raf Simons is headed to Dior, to fill the shoes of its former designer, John Galliano, who was fired last year for his anti-semitic remarks [1]. This is the latest twist in a plot that has been developing for thirteen months and has created a crazy whirlwind of gossip and speculations in the fashion industry [2]. Raf Simons had had to leave Jil Sander to... well, Jil Sander, who for whatever reason had been ousted from her own label a few years back [3]. Raf Simons had also been thought to be the natural replacement of Stefano Pilati at Yves Saint Laurent, but that job had gone to former Dior-Homme creative director Hadi Slimane. (Kris Van Assche seems to have taken over his job there).

Should you care about it all? It is likely that none of these relocations on the fashion industry's chessboard will bring Dior any closer to most women's price-range. I am the kind of fashion geek who likes to read about this stuff though, and I am looking forward to see which direction these big labels will now take. After all, remember what Phoebe Philo has done to Celine? (A new style species, the "Philophiles", has arisen, it seems).

Even if it does not interest you, toss this info at the next momster who tries to meangirl you -- you will gain her respect. And wait for it: there are rumors that Stefano Pilati, formerly at Yves Saint Laurent, is headed to Armani...

P.S. More crazy fashion here.

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