Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Furniture and fashion, part 1

Hello everyone! Have you ever been to a design fair?

Milan Design Week started today. I had not really considered attending it (perhaps just checking out a couple of my favorite stores), until the husband of my mother-of-two best friend mentioned how big and multidimensional the event is. He really picked my curiosity when he indicated it has become a bigger event than Milan Fashion Week, so that today I was looking forward to attend the first night in via Tortona ("notte bianca" or white night as it is called). The best part of it is that I reconnected with another childhood friend of mine, who is a talented artist and interior designer, and was able to go with her.

Via Tortona is a narrow cobblestone street in the back of the Porta Genova train station. It is not a glamorous spot by any means, with small bars and grocery stores. Yet somehow it has become customary for business owners to rent out their store space to exhibitors of Milan Fashion Week with installations that are funky and avant-garde (like this miniature piano that one could find unannounced laying on the ground). If you think that it is all about furniture and stuff (as I did) you would be wrong. Fashion design is interwoven with multiple strands of the event, often in unexpected ways (like in the installation promoting hand dryers below). I am hooked! On Friday, I am planning on checking out centre city and the Triennale Design Museum for more.

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