Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It's a blogiversary!

Hello everyone and happy blogiversary to us! Did you know that Fashion for the Rest of Us turns one today?

I actually cannot believe one hear has already gone by. I started blogging on the eve of my sabbatical leave. I made the time to grow my passion for fashion by talking about it with other thirty-something moms like me, the "rest of us" as I call them. I am so proud about what I have accomplished, and so grateful for all people who have been following us!

I recently read the results of small study that indicates how new moms who blog are happier than those who do not. I can totally relate to this result. I started blogging at the end of a difficult year for my work, which coincided with the stress related to our long-distance move to Europe. Blogging not only has kept me sane through it all, but has become what I look most forward to every day (even, and perhaps especially, when I am too busy to actually post). In addition, I have discovered other mom bloggers, wonderful women who have enriched me tremendously as a woman and as a mom.

In occasion of our blogiversary, I have a few surprises for you. First, an interview with Jane Potrykus of Simple + Pretty, which I'll post in a little while today. More reportages about motherhood and personal style will follow in the next few days. I have also started a board on Pinterest to collect all cool images that relate to a blogiversary (I could not choose, you know?). Finally, I am working on redoing the website, so stay tuned...

Photo: Savour the senses.

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