Monday, 23 April 2012

Wouldn't you know that in such a small town...

Hello everyone and happy Monday!

We spent the weekend at the countryside and on Saturday we went on an exploration tour of the neighbouring Val Trebbia (according to Ernest Hemigway, the most beautiful valley in the world). First, we stopped at the nearby town of Pianello Val Tidone. I am always amazed about the beauty, the history and the shopping opportunities of small Italian towns such as this one (do yo remember our beach outing in December?). Wouldn't you know that I made it home with this great t-shirt and a pair of vintage Chanel glasses, the latter from Oggetti Smarriti ("Lost things"), one of my favorite vintage stores ever?

We also got to admire the real fossil of a giant watersnake's jaw and other unique finds in the back store of the local dry-cleaner. Finally we discovered the newly established (in 2006) archeological park of Travo, which was our last stop of the day. It was really an amazing day.

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