Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Blank stare, period

I am borrowing the title of this post from one of my favorite blogs, Blank stare, blink. But I am not blinking, just staring. The jet lag coming back from San Francisco last week has taken a big toll on me, since I had no time to go to bed early because I had too much laundry, chores, and missed family time to make up for while I was gone (minus 41 days before I can use a dryer again, yes!)

In addition, coming back from San Francisco has marked an important milestone: we have less than 6 weeks left in Italy and, as happy as I am to go back to Canada, sadness related this departure is seeping in as well. Do not even get me started on the organizational challenge: we arrived with 7 suitcases (remember this post?), we can take up to 9 to go back, and you know what? I am sure they will not be enough. This email from Yoox thus really made me smile: travel light and in style, because summer is basic. Ya, right.

P.S. In case Yoox's advice may suit your summer needs, you can find the source here.

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