Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Crazy fashion

Hello everyone! Have you hit the seasonal sales yet?

I have not really taken advantage of the sales this year (gasp). I believe most department stores and boutiques in the US and Canada should be around forty percent off on spring and summer merchandise by now, but sales in Europe have yet to start (although my fashion mom coach predicts they will begin earlier than usual because of the economic crisis).

As the sales have taken momentum, pre-fall collections have gradually seeped in with their muted colors and occasional touch of animal print and red. I am totally not in the mindset for them yet, but clicking through the Neiman Marcus' website earlier today I came across the "smoking slipper" trend.

Since I do not have a pair of decent slippers and back in Canada I live in them, I thought it could have been a perfect occasion to kill two birds with one stone, if you pass me the expression. Then I looked at the prices and I thought: WTF! (pass me this acronym as well, sorry I feel a bit PMS today). 500$ for a pair of slippers? I am sorry, but they do look like slippers much more than "luxury loafers". I am speechless.

P.S. More crazy fashion here.

Photo: Neiman Marcus.

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