Monday, 25 June 2012

The final crunch

Hello everyone! How do you deal with departures?

I am having a hard time with this one, as you may know if you have been following this blog. Add to it that up until this morning we were not even sure we would have been able to leave...

Nonetheless, we are cleared for departure. My son is much better and we are packed. All our nine suitcases. And three pieces of hand luggage. And my son's scooter.

You know which suitcase was the most difficult to finalize? The first one I thought was done (remember this post?). I knew I had to repack since last week, and I had identified on my packing list the items I could have taken out, but I could not bring myself to it. Then half an hour ago, frantically looking for that little bit of extra space for the last pair of shoes, I tried. Yet I could not find them. The suitcase thus remained the same, just with an extra pair of shoes. Let's hope tomorrow morning the airline will not be very strict with its weighting procedures :-)

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