Monday, 11 June 2012

The "improving my life" challenge

Hello everyone! Do you like Mondays?

I do not. Mondays are too full of expectations for what I'd like to accomplish during the week, and because I know I seldom get down to the bottom of my to-do list, they make me feel inadequate.

I wrote this sentence on a personal sharing impulse that I am planning on embracing a bit more often on this blog. In fact, I had started writing an entirely different post yesterday evening: my contribution to "The things I'm afraid to tell you" challenge started by Ez at Comfort Creatures a bit more than a month ago. My post was a raw account full of negativity and allusions to the things that are wrong in my life at the moment. I finished it and realized that I do not want to embrace negativity any more. Hence, I challenged myself to improve, one thing at the time, and to be self-indulgent if I do not make it.

This morning, I tackled item # 1. I love to wake up before everyone else, and have the time to straight-iron my hair, or to spend half an hour on Pinterest, if I want to. I thus put the alarm for 6 am this morning. I was a bit doomed though, because I have slept too little in the last four days. I did finally wake up at 6:30 and washed my hair. Then the housewife in me took over and I decided to tidy up a bit, sort the laundry, and... my son woke up earlier than usual, so I straight-ironed my hair in a rush as usual. You know what though? I did not care. I did it on purpose, because I preferred to cuddle up in bed with my son instead. And since I vowed to be more self-indulgent, I put a big check on item # 1 as well.

Photo: Martin Gunnarsson.

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