Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Hello everyone! How do you put an outfit together?

I take mental notes about how to wear things in my closet based on what inspires me in magazines, online, or on the street. Sometimes I go as far as pulling out pages from magazines and scribbling notes on the side. The problem is that I seldom go back to these notes in the morning, when I am rushing to get through the door on time, or even if I lay out my outfit the day before (remember this post earlier today?). I wish there would be someone there to tell me: "Remember? You can wear this top with that sweater" on one of those mornings where I am staring helplessly at my closet's contents without any inspiration (it is morning, after all), and then I inevitably reach for my usual pair of jeans and cashmere sweater.

I have thus been giving some thought about how to achieve this goal without hiring a personal assistant. In this quest, I was excited about the launch of Stylitics, a New-York based startup online service that promises to do just that: keeping track of your outfits, and making recommendations on their basis as well as the current meteorological conditions.

I signed up and have done a quick test of the service by entering what I am wearing today. Rather than snapping pictures of my outfit, I used the built-in database to search for the items I have on, which I have recently purchased. I found the top, but not the pants' brand (Max & Co, a Max Mara affiliate), so in the latter case I used a similar item. My main disappointment is that today's outfit is not as nicely displayed on screen as I would have hoped. In addition, I can see how time consuming would it be to enter all my clothing items in the database.

How about you, would you try such a service, and how would you use it?

Photo: Stylitics screenshot.

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