Friday, 5 October 2012

M Obama, J Crew and that Tracy Reese Dress

Hello everyone! Did you watch the presidential debate a few days ago?

We did, because we spent so much time living in the US that we are still quite interested although we now live in Canada. I have to confess that tiredness had the best of me before the end, so that I missed Michelle's outfit! Thanks Paula for bringing me up to speed. You know what, though? This was not one of my favourite outfits for her. I like her best without a too cinched or cut waist, like the stunning Tracy Reese dress she wore to deliver her opening speech at the Democratic National Convention (allright, with the exception being the Michael Kors black gown she wore at the Congressional Caucus Gala). That said, I completely agree with Paula: Mrs O has taught us all moms a few when it comes to personal style. Two of my favourite lessons, in Paula's own words:

"Mall brands and more affordable clothing mix great with high-end pieces, and stand alone quite weel too. Don's be a slave to over-priced designers."

"If you love something, wear it again. And again. And again."

(The latter wisdom applies if you are not pregnant and bulging one day after the other, obviously. But I'll talk about this in another post...)

Photo: Blank Stare, Blink

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