Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Resort is here

Hello everyone! Going anywhere warm this winter?

I am having a tough Monday (allright, I agree, aren't they always), and Neiman Marcus added to it by announcing that the resort collections are here. Which is not an uplifting news for a few reasons. First, it reminded me that this year in January I will be stuck in house at minus 20 degrees Celsius (while last year in Italy, at least, we enjoyed mild temperatures until early January). Second, I will enjoy no spring afterwards, because in Canada we go from 2 meters of snow, to the disgusting meltdown, to +20 degrees Celsius with at the most three days of (rigorously rainy) spring weather. Third, even if we would have, by some kind of miracle, a longer spring, I doubt I would have shed the baby weight by then and would be in the mood for buying new clothes.

I hate the woman at the nail salon who yesterday told the tale of her upcoming trip to Miami.

P.S. Do you even believe at the launch of the resort collection at the same time as the Christmas book. Every year I marvel to this conundrum.

Photo: Neiman Marcus.

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