Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Coveteur 2.0

Hello everyone! Are you a fan of The Coveteur?

It is one of my favourite websites. I love its innovative way of displaying the contents of celebrities' closets while contextualizing them in their home style. Once I read somebody writing about it: "It is so difficult to do still-life pictures, and they do it so well." It is totally true. The pictures are gorgeous.

Today The Coveteur launched its new website. It will have larger pictures (plus), and may include editorials post as well (plus). But. It is so much more shopping oriented. In fact, one of the main purposes of the new website is to provide an integrated shopping experience. Users can "covet" items and place them in their own virtual personal closet (you are now required to register with either your Facebook or Twitter account, although I was not able to do it yet -- the system is still in beta after all). They can also "Get the Look" by clicking on an item and seeing similar items they can purchase.

I understand the business strategy behind this change, but I do not like it. How about cultivating our own individuality? I think there is still something magical in peeking into a celebrity's closet and just getting inspired.

P.S. The transition seems to have also obliterated The Diary of The Coveteur, the Tumblr feed that provided a "behind the scenes" look about the shoots. I do not like this either...

Photo: WWD.

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