Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Memories from Washington DC

Hello everyone! Curious about what we ended up doing in Washington DC?

In my last post, I was at the airport about to leave for the US. Although we did not stay there very long, once we came back we have been busy with such a flurry of activities (my parents coming to visit and my son's 6th birthday party -- more on this later) that last week has completely slipped through my fingers.

We had a wonderful family holiday in Washington DC. During the summer, we had also taken a couple of short trips, but I had been so tired at the beginning of my pregnancy that I could not really enjoy them. This time, I am much bigger (my mom says that I look like I was eight months pregnant!), but I was not too tired and we walked around a lot without me feeling too exhausted -- which was a big confidence booster.

Aside from doing, once again, the "usual" tour (White House) and going back to a few of our favorite spots (such as the Air and Space Museum and the Zoo), we did a lot of new things. We admired the National Monument at sunset from the top of the W hotel, which was a truly spectacular view, and we visited the National Geographic Museum, which I totally recommend if you are in town. We had great food (my mouth is still watering for the red beets risotto we had at Ici Urban Bistro in the Sofitel) and even better kids' food (a stop at the Dupont Circle Hotel for their breakfast Bento box is a must). We hung out with some of our best friends and their kids. And then there was that blue box. No other shopping for me, but it was all worth it!

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