Saturday, 29 December 2012

The simplified holiday outfit

Hello everyone! What have your been wearing during this holiday season?

We have been lounging at home a lot, and I have to confess I spent a few days without even changing out of my pyjama. For New Year's Eve and the few days that follow we will back to our usual routine of home parties (breaking with this routine did not work out too well for us last year anyway). Together with the fact that my pregnant belly cannot squeeze into any of my regular clothing, I will alternate between a little black maternity dress I got from Apso Bibi, and a navy blue sequin knit dress I got during one of my recent outing at Club Monaco. If I was not pregnant, however, I would either stick to my usual holiday uniform or get new inspiration from the picture above. Don't you think that such a leopard mood is awfully festive?

P.S. This is the last post of our Simplified holiday series. Time to move on to those New Year's resolutions...

Photo: Fashion Salade.

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