Friday, 19 April 2013

The importance of tailoring

Hello everyone! Do you have a tailor?

Most fashion advisers will swear by the power of good tailoring, and I could not agree more. Sometimes all it takes is a just little pinch!

I rediscovered the truth of this predicament once more now that I am out of my clothing comfort zone because of the pregnancy-related weight gain. Remember the once-loved-then-hated J Brand jeans I recently purchased? After my Italian tailor (I know, I know) pinched the waist they are not falling off anymore, and I can be in love with them again! Even my beloved legging jeans benefitted from the same treatment and a little shortening.

If you do not have a tailor go out and find one! It is totally worth it.

P.S. I love this Singer sewing machine. My dad inherited one from my grandmother, and one can still find the buttons of my grandfather's uniform (he was a fire marshall during the Second World War) in the drawer. My dream is to get it restored and bring it here in our house one day.

Photo: Wikipedia.

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