Friday, 5 April 2013

The suitcase

Hello everyone! How did you prepare for your baby's arrival?

I had planned on writing a few posts about my own preparations before my baby boy surprised us all and arrived three weeks early. Although I may have not written about it, I was fortunately not completely unprepared! My older son had also been born ahead of schedule, so I had done a few essential things that I still regret to have missed the first time.

I spent quite some time thinking about what to take to the hospital. When my older son was born, I did not even have my suitcase ready, and most of the baby clothes I had bought were loose (I discovered then that a size 0-3 months is generally too big for a newborn). I thus had to instruct my husband how to search for my things at home, and send my mom (who had flown in from Italy a couple of days after my son's birth) hunting for newborn clothing. I am sure you can understand that this time I did not want a repeat :)

Preparing my own suitcase was easy. A couple of nightgowns, a robe, plenty of underwear, and a pair of slippers were the main items, together with a few beauty products.

I concentrated my efforts on preparing a separate bag for the baby, in order to make it easier for me and my husband to find his things quickly. I dreamed about investing in a beautiful bag such as Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 (all right, I have been looking for excuses to buy this bag for a while now), but the price tag acted once again as the main deterrent (I am not Sandra Bullock, after all, who had such a bag personalized for her son in occasion of his adoption). I thus opted for this Jacadi's travel bag, which is adorable-baby-looking, very roomy, and with just the right mount of pockets. At the bottom of the bag I packed a fleece onesie, a snowsuit, a fleece hat, and a fleece blanket for bringing the baby home from the hospital. Then I layered two long-sleeves and two short-sleeves bodysuit (hospital room temperature can be quite hard to predict, in any season), three footed ong-sleeves onesies, a cotton hat, and two light cotton blanket for swaddling. The hospital required us to bring our own pampers and wipes, so these went right at the top.

After my baby boy's birth I complimented myself on my own organization. I had just the right amount of stuff, and the only thing we ended up not using was the snowsuit, since our car seat was lined with J J Cole Bundle Me Car Cover. The travel bag is a wonderful keepsake, and I am sure will get plenty of use in the summer!

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