Tuesday, 30 April 2013

White pants: yay or nay?

Hello everyone! Do you wear white pants around your kids?

I love white pants, especially for summer. Yet after my son was born six year ago, I discovered how unrealistic it can be to wear them around kids, especially younger ones. Outing at the park in white pants? Nay. Restaurant dining in white pants with the risk of spills and food stains? No thanks.

I took my white pants out of retirement when my son turned five years old, and even then in moderation. The whole time, I envied those moms who seem to have discovered a secret spell to keep their white pants white (beginning with my Italian mother-of-three best friend).

As a pair of white "perfect boot" jeans (one of the few styles that fits great my post-pregnancy body) popped out from GAP's clearance rack during my last visit, I tought, what the heck. I still have to shed the baby weight but if Michelle Obama can rock white pants at the White House Easter Egg Roll, why can't I? After all, didn't I tell you that I scored the striped floral t-shirt by J Crew she wore before it sold out? And that one kills two other spring trends (florals and stripes). Voilá.

Photo: Denver Post.

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