Sunday, 16 June 2013

On my mind

Hello everyone! Are you ready for the end of the school year?

I know that technically it is already mid-June, but I have not yet posted what has been on my mind in May (I know, I know, shame on me). So here it comes...

My obsession with the shots over at Yvonne Koné continues (as my Pinterest board attests quite well). This is possibly my favorite shoes + handbag shot EVER. (Where does she get that light?)

I have gotten a Girl Crush. Actually, two (the latter discovered via Victoria).

This beautiful netted bag with leather straps would be perfect for a quick run to the store in 
the summer. As usual though it is unfortunately not yet available for Canadians... (via Oh Joy!)

The already-almost-all-sold-out creations of "Dries Van Noten of the East", Biyan Wanaatmadja
(Lookbook via Erica; purchase what's left through Net-a-porter)

Hosting garden parties is all I want to do during the summer (via Design Mom).

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