Monday, 24 June 2013

Pink is not my favorite color

Hello everyone! What is your favorite colour?

Since yesterday was National Pink Day, I will let you into a little secret. I struggled with this question for a long time. It all started when my older son developed the passion for his first favorite colour, red. When asked, he would then proceed saying that daddy's favorite colour was blue and mommy's favorite colour was pink. I am a girl so my favorite colour had to be pink, right?

As many little girls, my first room was indeed decorated in pink. When I turned 18, my mom asked what gift I would have liked and I answered: a blue room. Many years later, I still had not figured out what was my favorite colour to wear though. Yes, I love navy blue everything (remember this coat?), and I have a jeans addiction, but is blue really my favorite colour? I think I have come to the conclusion that it is. But not any blue... and pink somehow always seeps in.

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