Sunday, 21 July 2013

Italians drink ice coffee and other myths

Hello everyone! What is your favorite summer drink?

Writing in the magazine's latest issue, Vogue's Style Editor at Large Elizabeth von Thurn und Taxis indicates that the first thing she did on her impromptu trip to Venice was sipping an ice coffee on a terrace of the Bauer hotel overlooking the Grand Canal.

I do not mean to let anybody down, but I cannot refrain from dispelling this stereotype. In summer, Italians still drink their espresso warm. Even the South. (Occasionally, and just for fun, we may ask for a "caffè shakerato", which is made by combining espresso, a bit of sugar, and lots of ice, and shaking the whole deal vigorously until a froth forms when poured.) Summer is rather the season for ice tea and various combinations of ice water and syrups (most popular are mint and orzata).

Do not expect to be given any olive oil dip in Italian restaurants either. Sorry....

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