Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Overwhelmed in Milan

Hello everyone! Are you having some summer fun?

We have spent already almost ten days at the countryside (you may remember it from this post, and this one), and we are now packing (again) to spend the remainder of our Italian stay at the beach. Perhaps because I knew that we would have not been able to go around much once here, I had high expectations from the first couple of days we spent in Milan upon arrival.

In my head, this is how our stay in Milan was going to go. My son reconnecting with his friends in the courtyard. Me, my mom and the baby strolling downtown happily shopping. I was looking forward to check out the Fall collections, which are already in stores this time of the year. I hoped to shop the sales for something new to wear at the beach. I wanted to get presents for my husband. I even hoped to see the Modigliani exhibit at Palazzo Reale.

In reality, the baby was majorly jet-lagged, going through a growth spur, or maybe both, so he wanted to nurse all. the. time. To make the most of our limited time (talk about tick tock) we headed for La Rinascente, and that was our mistake. High-end department stores in Milan are not baby-friendly, especially not on the first Saturday of the summer sales. Elevators -- the only way to navigate the seven floors with a stroller -- were jam-packed and ultimately unaccesible. Nursing rooms are non-existent, as much as changing stations in the only two (!) bathrooms. I ended up breastfeeding my screaming baby on the staircase.

Sweating and exhausted, we gave up a trip to the Chicco store for a visit to Max Mara. There we got the star treatment, with the largest fitting room and fresh glasses of water. I even got suggestions for breastfeeding-friendly clothing!

Nothing could cure such a day better than a new dress and a box of La Duree macarons.

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