Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The desk

Hello everyone! At what age did you buy your kids their first desk?

In occasion of our first stay at the countryside with the baby, my mom took great pleasure in reorganizing our rooms. She outfitted my older son's new room with a grown-up desk filled with crayons, drawing paper, and the likes. He loved it, and felt really grown up "working" there.

At home in Montreal, my son still has in his room a relatively large, albeit low, play table. There would be space for a desk, but I have been holding on to buy one. During the school year, when we are at home in the evening we like to hang out together in the kitchen. Weekends are for playdates, and a desk does not seem like the best place to play with friends.

The extent to which my son liked his desk at the countryside is making me reconsider. Any thoughts?

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