Monday, 12 August 2013

Memories from Mont-Tremblant

Hello everyone! Have you ever been to Mont Tremblant?

Mont Tremblant is famous for its winter skiing, but it is also a great place for summer escapes. We went there for the first time last year, but I was pregnant and could not join in much into all the activities. This year, I could have not enjoyed it more. I even dared myself to try the trampolines (yes, there is a reason why it is a kids' activity), and to speed down the mountain in a luge.

Do not get me wrong, with an infant in tow who is still mainly breastfed, it was hectic. I wish my husband and I could have had a nice dinner together, rather than just a (quick) drink. Nonetheless it was great to have fun as a family. Plus, wouldn't you know? While waiting for our checkout time, I had the time to straighten my hair, and then to sit in our room sipping coffee while finishing to read Elle magazine. (I memorized Joe Zee's advice in case I ever get to seat Front Row at Fashion Week, and I daydream about my fortieth birthday party -- better, the dress I could wear to dig such an event). 

P.S. In case you are heading to Mt Tremblant, do not expect to bring home any fashion souvenir, unless you are into sports gear -- the retail landscape is amazingly thin for such kind of resort town. Oh, and forget a decent cup of coffee, too.

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