Wednesday, 23 October 2013

FW13 trends | Spring into Fall

Hello everyone! Are you into pastels for Fall?

Pink, in its many shades, is very fashionable for FW13. (A bubblegum pink merino crew neck is staring at me from Club Monaco's latest store arrivals as we speak).

When I first saw Celine's collection, and notably the above ensemble, I almost ran to buy this pale blush coat to reproduce the same look. Then I remembered, in random order: 1) pink is not my favorite color, 2) since yesterday the minimum temperature has dropped below freezing, and the days for wearing costs are numbered, 3) we do not really get spring weather, and prospects for wearing the coat in a few months time are grim, and 4) Celine herself has reverted to a Fall-esque color palette for her resort collection, no less.

The bubblegum merino sweater is still hunting me though.

Photo: My Manifesto.

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