Wednesday, 4 December 2013

All about my coats

Hello everyone! Were you able to score any pieces of the Isabel Marant for H&M collection?

(I am pulling a Garance here, and talking about it three weeks after the launch. Because, even though I have half-written this post the day after, I forgot all about it in the germstorm of the first flu spell that has hit our house, and which has been replaced by baby sleeping hell -- more on this in another post).

After much doubting, I did go in the end. It went like this. The night before I was way too tired to even consider waking up at 5 am to go and stand in line. Which put me in an even worse mood in the morning because all I could think was: It is sooo unfair! I am here breaking my back (literally, I have a ton of back problems at the moment) for everyone in this family, I do not sleep EVER, why can't I go and do something for myself I really want? A lot of boo-hooing. After dropping the kids off at 8 am I made a split second decision. I headed downtown, rather than going to the office and feel sorry for myself for the whole day (and possibly taking it all out on my unsuspecting husband, because you know, it is so unfair... I told you I was a mess).

That was when the universe smiled down at me. Or, at least, this is how it felt. I showed up at the H&M store half an hour after opening time, and I got a bracelet with a shopping slot at 9:30 am. When I got in, I found all that I had wanted in my size. My style is not boho, but I try to be chic. The items on my wishlist were the most "classic" ones: the coats, the jacket, the white tee, and the white pants (which reminded me of the ones in this picture). The boots were not at the top of my list because they looked too much like an H&M knockoff, albeit with the designer's blessing.

I was out of H&M at 10:30, and still had time for a latte and some book perusing at the bookstore across the street. It was the perfect day.

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