Friday, 28 March 2014

On my mind

Good morning everyone!

I am sitting in my car while the baby sleeps in the backseat. Everyday we wake up early to bring my older son to school, and the baby catches up towards the end of the car ride. I thus always find myself parked in from of the daycare waiting that he wakes up. (You know what they say, don't wake up a sleeping baby).

Which gives me the chance to catch up with my emails and favorite blogs. Today I am resuscitating this series (which I had a retired a while back, as you may remember) because I cannot get enough of:

This is my favorite. home decor. ever. There are so many houses around where I live that 
could be renovated to look like this, including one I visited three days ago. (sob.)

The inspiration board above. And yes, also that camera strap (via sfgirlbythebay).

IKEA PS 2014 collection (via Nordic Days). I want this desk and 
the modules. Possibly in the same room.

I would style them with this rug, that I hope it's for sale.

Lisa Daria's flower paintings, because they are not only beautiful, but they remind me
that it is spring somewhere. (Discovered, you guessed, via sfgirlbythebay).

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