Thursday, 26 June 2014

Going hands free in Vancouver

Hello everyone and greetings from Vancouver!

Yesterday I spent four hours at Vancouver Science Centre, watching my baby play with water and my older son improvise games with other kids visiting. Today I spent three hours at Vancouver Aquarium, enjoying every show and exhibit with my two little ones. I have used my phone only for directions (although we did get lost at least a few times), and I have disregarded all emails (it helped that I unsubscribed from at least 10 mailing lists before I left).

I decided to drop the half-an-hour cab ride that it takes to reach Vancouver Museum of Anthropology -- because, after all, the kids did see the big totems in Stanley Park. And I am not overly sad to miss Emily Carr's collection at Vancouver Museum of Fine Arts.

Thank you, summer holidays for allowing me to go Hands Free.

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