Monday, 7 July 2014

Breakfast at the volcano

Aloha everyone! What is the most spectacular place where you ever had breakfast?

Yesterday, we spent our last day on the Big Island by visiting the Kilauea volcano. My husband and I had already been here after we had just met ten years ago. I cannot believe my seven-years old son got to walk on the lava my husband and I had seen flowing then. (Gasp)

But I am digressing. To manage the three-hours long drive with our 18-months years old we decided to leave very early in the morning, so we got to the volcano by 9 am. The only place we could have breakfast was the Volcano House, which has limited choices, darn good sausages, and most importantly windows that overlook the volcano after an extensive renovation completed in 2013.

Yep, this is what we could see while having cereals.

There were no pearls or LBDs involved (in fact, I was wearing a sweatshirt from the gift shop because I could not find mine in the morning). But it was breathtaking.

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