Saturday, 11 October 2014

Did you celebrate National Handbag Day?

Hello everyone! Did you know that yesterday was National Handbag Day?

For the occasion, I sported my pre-Phoebe Philo Celine bag (remember when it launched in 2009?). I also almost celebrated it by purchasing a new bag. YSL mini-Muse, no less. When this beauty popped up at Amuze (which I discovered through Madison Avenue Spy), I thought I was going to come full circle with my obsession, which goes way back.

After adding it to my cart I even got a 5% off coupon and I almost did it. I then realized that I had a question about delivery times and I gave a call to their toll-free number. That's when my problems begun. After three unanswered phone calls, one unanswered email, and three unanswered messages I sent through the site's live chat (I was getting desperate), I got nervous. Internet research revealed that Amuze has amost 40,000 Facebook followers. I found only one person who indicated she never got her purchase (although as few who gave positive reviews). Yet I chickened out.

Today, two days after my unsuccessful contact attempts, a customer representative did answer my email. I could still make it to purchase the bag. I do not think I will though... the moment has passed. And I am still nervous about this bad customer service.

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