Thursday, 27 November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone and happy Thanksgiving, dear American readers!

It is an ordinary day here in Canada, and pumpkins and fall foliage have disappeared a few weeks ago. I have been spotting Christmas decorations almost since the beginning of November! Yesterday I was incredibly happy to have spotted this decorating gig in action: I finally confirmed my suspicion that it takes a crane to put lights on this huge pine (we pass it every day on our way home from school/office). Ah!

We actually do celebrate American Thanksgiving. We have lived long enough in the US to love this tradition, and we have a small crowd of American friends in Montreal with whom we like to share it with. It feels like our own Christmas, and gives us the chance to exchange wishes and good laughs with most people we care about, and that we seldom get to see during the holiday break. Because it is such a friendly, low-key event, it is difficult to stress out about it, and today I am enjoying a quiet day after the departure of my parents (whom have visited us for about a month).

Wait then for my next post, filled with Black Friday shopping tips!

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