Sunday, 30 November 2014


Hello everyone! Did you have a good Thanksgiving weekend?

December is generally not a good month for me, so I am preparing mentally for tomorrow by looking back at my Instagram faves from last week. I hope they inspire you as well.

From top left: When December puts me down, I try hard to remember this (via @creaturecomforts) // I wish one day I will be invited to this table (via @garancedore) // Black is not my favorite color, but this spread is tempting me to reconsider (via @thefashionsight) // Fendi, Celine and a Turkey: the best (via @purseblog) // Ez's stuffed creations make me wish I was a child again (via @petitpippin) // Going dark for the holidays never looked so inviting (via @yvonnekone) // There is never enough pie (via @gsp) // Walking around lake Michigan is one of my fondest memories from the time I spent in the US (thanks @designmom for reminding me). 

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