Thursday, 8 January 2015

I am not buying any workout gear (and I am not sorry about it)

Hello everyone! Have you signed up for the gym?

It is the beginning of January, after all, and isn't everyone's top resolution getting in better shape? (I just discovered that the health craze started six months ago, but I had honestly not realized.) The fashion industry knows about it, of course. Every email I get right now (and probably you too) advertises sales of workout clothes. Sears has even discounted his workout machines. This morning quinoa snacks at my local Maxi were on sale.

Although I decided a long time ago not to formalize any more this intention amongst my own resolutions, I am trying to pay more attention to what I eat and how much I get off my butt. This morning I walked up five flight of stairs to get to my office and I felt -- mentally -- quite good about it. I bought the quinoa snacks above for the office -- never miss a good sale --, and I did not hate them.

My goodness now that I think about I am turning into a health monster, for my (admittedly low) standards. But I am not signing up for the gym and I am most definitely not buying any workout gear, because: 1) Over the years, I could have afforded a Chanel bag with the money I spent on gym fees that seldom paid off; 2) I have too many clothes, especially since...; 3) ... you may remember the sport trend has been going strong in the past few seasons, and I have been lured into buying more workout clothes that I needed by convincing myself that I wold have used it for other purposes (which never happened); 4) wasting money on workout clothes makes me feel two times more depressed than wasting money on gym fees alone.

I will just continue to take the stairs. If I really commit to it, I may even try to workout with Karlie Kloss.

Photo: Suri's Burn Book, with the caption: "Always remember that Gisele pays someone to follow her around in case she wants to Instagram her spontaneous yoga."  (If you are like me, you need something to lighten up now that you are read so much about exercising.)

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