Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A terrible misunderstanding

I started this blog project as I would have approached any other research task in my own work: with a review of the existing evidence. And, let me tell you, the number of blogs and websites dedicated to moms is enourmous! So what do moms talk about on the web? Mainly, it seems to me they share parenting advice: how to breastfeed, how to deal with a child that is going through the "terrible twos", how to homeschool your children, how to entertain your children when you are home or on vacation. They share also resources about cooking, clothing, travelling. Finally, the may share advice about how to integrate their offsprings into a rewarding couple life with their partner.

As far as fashion is concerned, blogs and websites about fashionable choices for pregnant women abound, but not so much those about moms who want to be fashionable. I could not help but wonder: why is that? I think I finally found the answer in this hilarious post at eFashionmom:

"Who made up the rule that the minute you give birth, you must lose all sense of fashion and immediately start dressing like your own mother? Do you think Carrie Bradshaw would start shopping at Talbots just because she popped out a Baby Big! Between sweat suits, matching slacks and tops, and the ever present t-shirt (and I do not mean the cute fitted kind!), mothers tend to believe that they must lose some part of themselves on the delivery room floor in exchange for an attempt at the mother-of-the-year award. Are we to expect our men to only admire the loving way we change a blow-out diaper and not to notice the fact that we have been living in the same pair of khaki shorts for the past 3 days along with a cornucopia of tank tops, current one with the least amount of baby food, justified by the fact that the sports bra and athletic socks are fresh from the dryer? 

I am here to tell you that there has been a terrible misunderstanding. Having a child should only enhance who you are as a person, not take away your sense of style."

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