Friday, 6 May 2011

Why has motherhood probably changed your style

We all know that there is at least a biological reason why motherhood has changed our personal style: giving birth changes your body, at least a little bit, even if you are like one of my two best friends who did not put up any baby weight after three pregnancies.

However, I think that there is an equally important socio-demographic reason. Nowadays women have children later in life, and they end up becoming mothers for the first time when they are closer to thirty than to twenty years old. These modern women, in general, have gone through higher education and have begun their working careers way before they have a stable partner or a child. in other words, they have developed their own sense of self, which often includes their own style, before motherhood.

This is also the reason why, I think, modern thirty-something new moms' attitude towards fashion end up falling along the lines of four possibilities:
1. I have less time to think about fashion and what to wear.
2. I have less money to afford fashionable clothes.
3. I have lost interest in what to wear, and I am more interested in how to dress my children.
4. All of the above.

I definitely recognize myself in options 1 and 2. How about you?

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