Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ciao da Milano!

We have arrived in Italy few days ago, which we have spent getting over our jet lag and entertaining  some friends who already came to check out our new quarters (you will be able to read what we did in Milan with our kids in my next post). But I personally also spent every evening unpacking our luggage, because in a couple of days we'll leave again to install ourself at the countryside until the end of the month.

Since by the time we arrived I had no idea where anything was after our last minute reshuffling (you may remember my earlier post), unpacking has been an emotional roller coaster. Will the closets be big enough? Where has all my summer clothing gone? And the outfits I had planned for the first few days here? But after all, I am an optimist: my outfits were they were supposed to be and not too crinkled, and the closets are not that full so let's go shopping!

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