Thursday, 7 July 2011

Packing chaos

The long awaited departure day has arrived. This afternoon, we were taking the plane to go to Milan. In spite of the long lists I have made in the past three months, I swear I have no idea how we managed to fill up 7 suitcases and 6 pieces of hand luggage for this trip, especially considering that I have already given two suitcases to my parents last time they came to visit in January, and I left and unspecified amount of stuff in Milan during my March business trip.

In addition it took actually some work today to make sure that the weight of every suitcase did not exceed the maximum allowed (23 kilos or 55 pounds). This work involved leaving few things behind that I had actually planned to take, and implied that somehow for fall I am taking only black handbags (3 to be exact).

All right, I will try not to think about this until we get to our destination and enjoy the first class upgrade we got for our transatlantic flight :-)

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