Thursday, 28 July 2011

The French know how to do it

Yesterday we have gotten on the road again. We will drive through France to go from Italy to Belgium to visit my in-laws. Our first stop is the Beaujolais region in France, where we had planned to hang out, drink wine and enjoy the outdoor pool at our hotel.

Unfortunately the rainy, cool weather has ruined our plans. Looking for something fun to do with our son, we stumbled upon Les Parcours d'Aventure du Haut Beaujolais, which has a course for under 4. My son absolutely loved it and did the trail three times.

When we arrived, two young children, approximately the same age as our son, were already there. Their mom was a Frenchwoman who could teach something about style to anyone. I was too shy to ask her to take her picture, and I deeply regret it. Besides the two young kids who were playing, she had a third baby in a sling. She was wearing big, Jackie-O sunglasses, a black blouse, white linen pants, and silver gladiator sandals through which you could see her perfectly pedicured toes. I was really a bit jealous. But then I noticed her dark underwear peaking through her semi-sheer white pants and I felt a bit better. Not even Frenchwomen are perfect.

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