Sunday, 24 July 2011


We have been in the countryside for over ten days and we had not had the chance to go around much because we had a lot of work to catch up with after our move to Europe. Since today is Sunday we decided to do something different and fun for our son and we thus went to Cowboyland in Voghera (PV). We have discovered this small, and mostly unknown, amusement park last year and I would highly recommend it. The park is appropriate for kids of all ages, but the younger ones will particularly enjoy the small roller coaster, canoe track, pony rides and cowboy show. (If you are staying in Milan, this could be a nice one-day excursion.)

We left around lunchtime and we wanted to stop for a quick bite but most places were closed on the weekend. We thus decided to drive through downtown Voghera and find a restaurant there. A passerby recommended us "Ristorante Ponte Rosso", and that was really a good advice! It is quite a different restaurant. Alongside classic pizzas (really good ones, I must say) they offer an eclectic menu that does not correspond to the regional cuisine, bur rather spans, in the owner's words, from Bolzano to Catania. For instance, my husband had really fresh, raw "alici", mom had a pasta with "asparagi di mare" and I had a pasta with saffron and "fiori di zucchina." This was all topped off by a white tiramisu (that is, without coffee or cacao) sprinkled with Szechuan pepper that the owner specially imports from China.

And did I say that Voghera is the birthplace of Valentino?

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