Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Paese che vai, Vanity Fair che trovi

I have finally found the time for my beauty appointments and I am taking advantage of this "me" time to catch up with my favorite magazines. Or I should say their Italian counterparts, which sometimes have nothing to do with the originals? Take Vanity Fair. I absolutely love the American one, which is smart, informative and just a bit mundane to avoid being boring. The Italian version? It seems an upgraded Novella 2000, with the pictures of famous people's naked butts and open letters about affairs with married men. Luckily there is a Vanity Fair iPad app that I can consult while we are here!

On the contrary Elle Italia is the twin brother of the American one and I love them both equally (although the former comes in a more convenient travel size...)

Absent in paper or electronic format are In Style and Lucky magazine, Which will be permanent items on my list when we go overseas or someone comes to visit from North America.

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